Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Back to the Brink

NYC is enjoying a fabulous Indian summer and here I am with all the freaks atop the Standard Hotel over the High Line. This is the boutique hotel where people walking their dogs look up scandalized to see guests in the windows performing a striptease. It's a good thing they can't glimpse the top at night  or they'd really be in for an eyeful! ... Especially in Boom Boom nightclub's floor to ceiling windowed bathrooms.

I gotta say Tuesday night is always the best night out in NY, NY. 
the rooftop bar and midtown manhattan beyond...

creatures of the night
Dee Dee Luxe and drag king Murray Hill
Transparency is important
My Argentine ex Gabriel is taking the city by storm with his BF Emanuel. I've been having a blast with them and thankfully my Spanish came right back as they don't speak any English. This does not impede them from launching into conversations in Spanish with my friends here and also complete strangers - who have no idea what is going on.

When I tell the guys why they can't just speak Spanish to strangers and expect them to understand, they reply with: "But people here speak to us in English and expect us to understand!" and then they smile and flit off.  They're like big kids and I love it.
Gabriel takes the swing. 
Emanuel, Amanda Lepore and Gabriel
When they started yammering away to Amanda Lepore, I asked her if she spoke any Spanish. She replied, "Yes. I can say HOMBRE." !!
If you haven't noticed I'm a blonde and yes I'm having more fun :)
Gentlemen prefer me!

Sunday, October 09, 2011

This Circus is Simply TAWDRY, Dahlink!!

There's a movie in this. Maybe 15 movies. Who is writing the screenplay!? 94 year old Zsa Zsa Gabor was rushed to the hospital after losing consciousness and bleeding from a tube in her stomach. Odds are Zsa Zsa will soon outrace Rev Billy Graham at the top of the dead pool, and she only has one leg!
Nobody is gonna detain this bitch either, remember what happened last time she got caught speeding?

2011 may be Zsa Zsa's most notorious year to date. The 94 year old had one of her legs amputated in January and suffered a stroke that left her partially paralyzed. In August, her 9th husband, Prince Frederic von Anhalt, took out a billboard in LA, announcing a party for their anniversary.

This caused huge controversy, especially from Gabor's daughter Francesca Hilton who is refused visitation rights to her mother and claims Von Anahlt is creating a "circus atmosphere" around her mother's health. No, you don't say! And how about that party? Everyone was there except Zsa Zsa herself, who reportedly watched it on a screen from her bedroom. TMZ reports: let her eat cake! And despite rumors that Zsa Zsa was not there and actually dead, The Prince said she "had a great time!"

I recently read up on Zsa Zsa and her sisters Eva and Magda - the "Budapest Bombshells" - in fanbook Gaborabilia (thanks Richard!) and they all lead spectacular and fascinating lives. Glamor holds nothing for me, but there is something remarkable in the ambition, personality, drive and determination that made and keeps Zsa Zsa famous.  As she once put it, "If I only had a little humility - I'd be perfect!"

Zsa Zsa (not born Zsa Zsa) is the original "famous for being famous" celebrity self-creation - and it seems her only real competition these days is her husband. Prince (not born a prince) Frederic has more circus acts up his sleeve than a billboard and party for an old woman out of her wits. This year, he declared Zsa Zsa's body will be preserved with a process called plastination ("my wife always dreamt that her beauty would be immortal"), while also telling CNN his plans to find a surrogate to make 94 year old Zsa Zsa a new mama so she can "once again enjoy the wonders of motherhood."

AND, we're not finished yet, Prince Frederic announced his plans to run for Mayor of Los Angeles! The man has clearly taken pages from Zsa Zsa's publicity-hungry book. Are they not made for each other? They should be awarded most quintessential Hollywood couple. A paralytic Zsa Zsa could accept the award live (or otherwise) from her bedroom, suckling her newborn child.

It all seems a most befitting end to the Queen of Outer Space.


Saturday, October 08, 2011

Excercise Your RIGHT to Molest!

I don't even recognize myself as the fembot alien drag queen MayDay (Mayhem?) who exploded into the Glitter Ball rocking vintage Pucci! Who wants to blend in at an event called the Glitter Ball? My friend and fellow ex-pat friend Ben aka Heather Number One is a fabulous queen on the scene and promised not just to transform me, but to take me all the way to "Sydney-Level Drag". Ben took me under his wing at his place and hours four later,we emerged:

MayDay and Heather... forever!
Bam took that four hours as an opportunity to nap. How can you sleep through this? Heather had everything, from chicken cutlet breasts to spirit gum to smash my real eyebrows flat into my face. When we got to the Glitter Ball, they let us in for free! Why oh why did I pre-buy that $70 ticket!?

Heather is looking flawless as a young Liza (if there ever was such a thing!) I got the mohawk wig at Paddy's Market earlier in the day just before hitting Chinatown for our "last meal" - as you can't eat and drag. We loaded up on (now this is revolting) french fries, pork buns, emperor puffs  

At some point in the night, I wanted to be a boy again - not just because the heels were killing me and my balls were smashed. Drag is a responsibility. You're like an art installation that musn't fuck up while on display. You can't be a drag queen off your tits on the dancefloor! Well, I guess you can, but no thanks. And dressed up, I did get to enjoy certain other perks including but not limited to "The RIGHT to molest!" as Heather puts it.

Drag queens get away with most everything, and they're granted unwritten but understood permission to fondle any man in any way, at will. Not that I haven't been doing this for years, but in drag nobody is going to push me away!
My friend Lesley saw this picture on Facebook and asked which one I was? "The one with too much makeup" I told her and she still couldn't figure it out! Ok, "I'm the one with the fake tits!" When I finally put an end to her anguish, she said flatly that MayDay's lips were "overdone". A drag queen overdoing it? Now that is shocking!

There were many trips to the bathroom for re-touching. 

Trishy Dishy! 
We met this rock star, Trishy Dishy, who told us she was the "Party Queen of Sydney" and promptly levitated her breasts, "Just like I did for Joan Rivers when she was here!" We couldn't get enough of her, and soon discovered she was raised Jehovah's Witness, has 5 kids in their 20s, and is the subject of a reality show. I love to see people who survive religion become such transformative force. I'm a fan!

The party queen of Sydney was later bumped off stage during a routine co-starring a plume feather, as Kitty Glitter, Dallas Dellaforce and Decoda Secret stormed the stage for a knockout performance. The kind you can only find in Sydney, with back up dancers, mythology, choreography with Sinbad swords morphing into air guitars. It was ridiculous, it was hot, it was ridiculously hot and you had to be there!
Kitty Glitter

We headed home for touch-ups at dawn and then hit the after-party at Phoenix club. Girls on the go!
Heather's looking fresh at 7 am in the taxi to Phoenix!
This guy in green was cosying up, passing out on Heather like she was some kind of Madonna mother figure. And we later spoke to a fierce drag queen named Little X, who gave us the entire etymology of her drag name, whose origins ("foxy") began on government documents... ?

By this point, close to noon, we were ogling a hot shirtless man who looked like he just got coughed up at Bondi beach wearing only his 8-pack abs. He was being madly groped by a drag queen with legs like tree trunks and a face like Morgan Freeman. "See?" Heather nudges me, "She is exercising her RIGHT to molest!"

Thursday, October 06, 2011

The Meaning of Gay Pride??

An excuse to go mincing about in parades wearing rainbows and ribbons -- just because, what, you're queer?  How is that PRIDE?

I'll tell you. Gay Pride is having made it through an incarceration of aggression, intimidation and abuse perpetrated by bullies in the morphing form of peers, parents, society and the church. Pride is freedom from dogma - which is the (toxic) trap of obeying the results of other people's thinking. Gay Pride is a celebration of survival.

And it is an ongoing celebration, because the shit never really ends does it?

Unlike other minorities, the gay movement has never been backed by a US President. We didn't have a Truman to de-segregate the military and the Supreme Court still allows the majority to vote/trample on our civil rights. Everything the LGBT movement has achieved has been fought loudly on the ground.

That's Pride.

But there can be no pride if you don't survive. Today, everyone knows bullied gay or gay-perceived kids are killing themselves. And, based on my unwilling expertise on bullying, I know this exposure is adding to the arsenal of bully munitions: Kill yourself like the others -- the world would be better off with one less FAGGOT!

Recently another kid, Jamey Rodemeyer, 14,  killed himself after enduring years of anti-gay bullying and the thing is - he knew he wasn't alone. We all told him "It Gets Better". He even made a video telling others it would get better, and thanking Lady Gaga for singing he was "Born This Way"!

Upon hearing of his death, Lady Gaga, for her part, promised to meet with President Obama to put an end to bullying. She tweeted, she dedicated a song to Jamey in concert. She has already made good on that promise to meet the President. What would it be like to have a pop star so firmly in your corner?

The Trevor Project: a 24-Hr, Toll-Free, Confidential Suicide Hotline
In my bullied youth, there was no pop star, no media attention, no adult allies aside from my family,  far as I knew. That was just fine by me. In the war zone of Fowler Middle School, I certainly didn't want more attention drawn to me. I was embarrassed when people (girls) tried to shield or help me, and humiliated when (rarely) adults tried to intervene. I only wanted one thing back then: to disappear.

These kids can't hide. They're caught in a media glare and, much as it is important (and high time), I worry about that spotlight. Some days I worry my own small contribution to visibility has made it worse, for saving kids like I was. Yes, we're here. We've told and shown them; they know we've all "been there" (in hell) and they're not alone and it gets better. Right?

Knowing is one thing.  GI Joe says knowing is half the battle. But considering this new illumination component, knowing may be part of the battle. I used to fantasize about suicide, how best to do it, if anyone might miss me. In my darkest hours, what if I had known there were people out there in the ether, millions, who might miss me? Jamey must have known his suicide would not go unnoticed. So did he want to disappear?  Or did he imagine re-birth as a martyr for the zeitgeist?

Either way he chose to end his life despite knowing, albeit abstractly, of a brighter future.

Thing is, when you're on the front lines you can't mentally permit yourself to ponder a peacetime. It's the power of now, full force. Survival is moment by moment. It is not waiting nor even wishing for things to improve, but rather finding that steely resolve that knows you are better, so that when it does actually get better you will have emerged (bruised, battered, but fortified) on the other side, with pride.

How do you impart that?

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Remember the Next Time They Call You a Pussy...

...And because you LOVE Betty White:

Come See My Brand New Film!

There will be blood!! We had a lot of laughs shooting this thriller out in rural Amish Pennsylvania this past June. Into the Lion's Den has a twiiiiiisted script with lots of surprise twists, so come and check out the world premiere October 16 in Washington DC at the Reel Affirmations Film Festival (tickets here).
If you can't make it to DC, stay tuned for more screenings and a DVD release date. In the meantime, play the teaser below and click "into the lion's den" label below for all the behind-the-scenes fun stuff with the amazing cast and crew including Ronnie Kroell, Kristen Griffiths, whipped cream vodka, and my rape table!

Monday, October 03, 2011

My Career So Far

Did you know I was made in Taiwan? Here's a fun interview/write up on my life and film career thanks to Leo Buck at Kansas City's Camp Magazine (click here to read). He even got me to tell what I think is most worth doing, and how 9/11 is an analogue for my romantic life with a certain special someone.

One correction, I didn't write Slutty Summer - I only lived it (thanks, Casper)!