Friday, March 29, 2013

Culled from the web

Who knows? Maybe I really am on a long romantic walk.

 The writer in me couldn't resist.

How much do you love auto-correct?

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Beauty and the Beat

What's good? If you like your Disney princesses keeping it real, check out this hilarious and really well done spoof of the intro scene/song to Beauty and the Beast.  Disney girl Belle goes inner-city chocolate chasing...

She really is a Bougie girl, that Belle...

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

To the Supremes!

If you're wondering why Facebook has gone red this week it's because the Supreme Court is hearing arguments on Prop 8 and marriage equality.

Let's hope SCOTUS can distinguish between privilege and equality. Even people close to me biologically have trouble understanding this is a civil issue and not some kind of "special rights".

One of the litigants in a case is Edie Windsor who had to pay estate taxes to the tune of $360K after the death of her partner of 44 years - money she wouldn't have to pay if her partner were a man. Or my friend Lavi Soloway who has for years been fighting to stop DOMA and deportation of same-sex partners with foreign-born partners. The fact I have never been able to  consider the option marrying my foreign born partners so they could stay in the USA. Consider the 1,138 rights and privileges granted by the government to married couples denied to some in the land of all men created equal.

We've changed the definition of marriage from trading two cows for your daughter to Loving vs Virginia which allowed blacks to marry whites, another issue that could not be solved when the majority was allowed to vote on the rights of a minority. That is not democracy, that's tyranny.

Let's hope this highly politicized high court (Scalia, are you kidding me?) honors a constitution whose framework allows for it to bend toward equality in the long arc of justice.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Look before you leap

This is what happens when you dive into Parsley Bay without first checking for rocks. But it sure beats paralysis!
shark bait
Apparently glue is the new stitch and the good doctor put me back together like an arts & crafts collage. Have had a very mellow weekend since. Wouldn't want to, er, come unglued...

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Front Runner

The Front Runner, a 1974 novel from Patricia Nell Warren is "most celebrated gay love story ever" so it's a wonder I haven't read it until now. Not least because I'm a long distance runner!

I find the novel both completely outdated and yet in many ways current. Chiefly, it deals with the romantic relationship between 40 year old coach Harlan Brown and his Olympic-quality distance runner, Billy Sive. Even today that is provocative and to me, frankly, yuck. They also get "married" - still today, provocative. Today we still see massive homophobia in the sports world, even though it's no longer, as portrayed in the book, getting fired or facing threats, boycotts, and violence.

The Front Runner is dated in its portrayal of homosexuality - in Harlan Brown's repeated insistence on their masculinity, in his outright distaste for women (strange, as he was written by a woman), and often the sexual passages "they soaped each other's genitals" were cringe-worthy. And the talk of how good a dancer Billy was, gyrating his hips and wooing the "foxes" with his moves, to me rang false as having known hundreds of distance runners - not one of them can dance!

But the ultimate stamp of antiquity is its climax. An out gay male athlete can win the 5,000 meter in the Montreal Olympics in a world-record time, but (*SPOILER ALERT*) as he pulls away in the 10,000 meter - also at world record pace - he crashes to the ground in the final sprint, shot dead in the head in what we'd now term a hate crime.

In classic literature and film, the gay man must always DIE. I'm not saying the ending wasn't emotionally affecting, that its truth didn't blow open the minds of those who read it upon its release, or that it doesn't deserve the praise it gets from all those whose lives it changed. That's it's value in context, and for that value alone The Front Runner remains a winner.

"Same Love"

A beautiful rap from Seattle-based Macklemore and Lewis featuring Mary Lamber. It went number 1 in Australia. Live on...

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Mardi Gras Weekend 2013

The big Mardi Gras weekend began at Emma's blowout bash. She's moving to Ibiza and starting her own vintage portraiture company there: Ibiza Pinups. Go on, live the dream Emma!

Mardi Gras Parade up Oxford Street
with Ric in twin galaxy tights
at the parade with our clown handbag
Bra-less wonder and Eurvision star LOREEN headlines with "Euphoria"

Inside the RHI - preparing to penetrate the dance floor
The Hordern Pavilion.. going off!
Sunday "recovery party" included DAYWASH.. and just look what we found hanging on the line!

Who could resist?

photo shoot continued in the toilets
I'm giving you lingerie bondage realness!
She loves me!

NO Gerald DIDN'T. Eating is cheating!
Have you seen my Stormtrooper?
At Stonewall: a drag queen lift goes terribly wrong. (Polly pulls a hamstring)

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Dark Side of Mardi Gras

Nothing says PARTY TIME FIESTA like encountering hordes of police and a phalanx of sniffer dogs. 

For lack of any real problems in Australia, the government creates them. Such is the case with an overly intense police presence at Sydney Mardi Gras that includes drug dogs, humiliating and degrading strip searches of partygoers, and this year several accounts of police misconduct, including one caught on tape of 18 year old Jamie Jackson. I don't care what he did or whether he's innocent, but he was handcuffed and in custody when police officer 266 brutally threw him to the ground where he crash landed on his skull. There is no way this type of violence would have happened if instead of a petit young gay boy, he was a petite young girl. 

I'm appreciative of police and the often dangerous work they do to protect and serve, but having been a victim of police brutality (MTA in NYC) myself, I am appalled that some of these public servants are thugs who will mete out the punishment that is legally only administered by a court of law. So I showed up to the rally against police brutality, and against the harassment of non-threatening partygoers - an effort that accomplishes nothing but bad PR. I was happy to see Australians engage in a bit of activism. 

And the word is getting out that Australia is a police state, and maybe once this truth gets out and tourism drops - they will learn to chill.

Of course no protest is complete without drag queens taking the piss... 

Saturday, March 02, 2013

Happy Mardi Gras!

Parade this evening and big party overnight - and tomorrow and the day after that (let's not pretend i haven't been training for this my entire life!)  It's gay christmas here in Sydney and what's amazing is everyone's on board....

Oxford Street got a makeover:

I'm all for spending money for civic joy - fireworks displays and this rainbow crossing, but can you believe they budgeted $100,000 for it? Oh yeah, you know the government here had to do all manner of expensive assessments and studies on how it might blind seeing eye dogs or hurt the self esteem of the asphalt.

Check out Coles supermarket:

They even seem to have merchandised it in a rainbow! Coles has this Mardi Gras section - check it out... glow sticks, condoms, lube, energy drinks, hair removal creams, glitter spray. I was like THIS IS SOOO CLICHE at the same instant I was popping half those items into my basket. Well played, Coles.

Here is my gym, Fitness First:
I would love to do arm curls in one of those.