Monday, January 04, 2016

We have liftoff

Launching into the New Year on my flamingo pegasus!
A few of us found this gorgeous spot in the mountains, in Barrington Tops national park, a few hours NW of Sydney.
Spent a couple days camping, starting fires with the wigwam method,
dipping into the frigid freshwater waterfalls (even Simon braved the swimming hole), 
 and playing on the inflatable plastic pink flamingo.... which Bam got me for Xmas...
...and, five minutes out of the box, suffered a mortal puncture wound on its first flight (see first image; impact was much less graceful). Bam was none too pleased, but the flamingo head is uninjured. I may mount it as a trophy on my wall. 


Rebekka R. said...

You guys always have the best fun. Love You All! XXX

Christine Treadway said...

I had to put the one of you diving off the cliff with the flamingo as my wallpaper on my phone so I have a reason to my smile every time I use it.

Jesse Archer said...

Christine, sweet - flamingo says that makes it all worth its sacrifice!