Sunday, August 28, 2016

Archer's Omnibus of Oddities: A View from the Brink

I've collected all my most irreverent escapades into a book in this one-stop digital shop. Most of these quick-read stories are from my years as columnist for Out magazine. Other entries were published elsewhere and some are totally new entries in OH NO HE DIDN'T. The title should ward off the easily offended or unprepared... thanks to Bam Bam for the original concept and textured cover!

Eight out of ten sociologists agree: "Jesse Archer spins his most shocking escapades into editorial that is sometimes salacious, often incendiary, and always irreverent. From Manhattan to Burning Man to North Dakota's Corn Palace, follow the misadventures of a gay man with a lot to learn. This volume includes a decade's worth of outrageous tales, some of which may involve black sheep, masculine bottoms, forbidden fruit, sex parties, suicides, Cyndi Lauper, AIDS cures, prison pen pals, Fire Island survivors, a high school hero, and how to ruin your best friend's wedding."

Download at the link above, or at Apple, Amazon, or maybe even in your cloud, if you can pin it down. xoxo